"Master Resell Rights" is the process of buying a digital product one time for a set amount and allows you to resell that same product as your own.

(Example MRR Digital Products: courses, ebooks, Canva templates, etc.)

Once you have purchased this product, it becomes yours immediately to resell for that same amount (or more) as many times as you would like to whoever you would like. Because you own the rights, you receive 100% of the profit from your sales. You always make 100% profit and your customers pay you directly.

With each and every sale, you get paid immediately through Stripe, PayPal or whichever payment method you decide.

Two Ways to Earn $$ with Master Resell Rights (MRR)

OPTION 1 : Option One: Resell the MRR Product + License*Most Popular*

Purchase the MRR product. Boom - you now own it and have the ability to sell it yourself for the same price OR more. Next, simply change up the branding to fit your personal brand (or leave it exactly how it is) and go on to resell the MRR product + license yourself. Once you purchased the digital MRR product, you receive the license and ownership and can market it however you'd like to whoever you'd like. This same rule applies to anyone who purchases an MRR from you. It's a win/win! Example: You purchase an MRR course that teaches people exactly how to start their business from scratch and funnel customers to a digital product. Customers purchase the course from you (you make 100% profit) ...and now that customer can resell the course as well!

Option Two: Sell the MRR Product as a One Time Purchase

Take the digital MRR product you have purchased and make it your own and/or tailor it to a specific niche that you have an immense amount of knowledge for. Then, sell the product to the end user without MRR rights. Example: You purchase an MRR course that teaches people exactly how to start their business from scratch and funnel customers to a digital product. Customers purchase the course from you (you make 100% profit) and the customer does not resell the course.

The customer simply utilizes the information in the course to help launch their own business or grow their existing online business.

Want to learn where to begin? Grab our free Ebook!

The first step is to grab my free ebook that explains exactly what MRR is and how you can leverage and bypass the content creation process to build a valuable business online while making 100% profits.

This will give you a great understanding of exactly how much value you will gain from the course and instructor / advisors / community in general. This course is a compilation of years and years of experience in the social selling realm...laying out a roadmap of EXACTLY what it takes to get started.

The way in which I am personally utilizing MRR is through courses. This specific course lays out every.single.aspect. of launching + scaling an online business and utilizing the insane MRR structure.

If you have been looking at starting your own business OR adding another stream of income that doesn't compete with what you are currently promoting, this is an incredible place to begin! In this course, you will learn about digital marketing, email marketing, online sales funnels, lead generation, branding expansion, content creation, front-end digital products, SEO & blogging, and so much more!

Learn about the MRR business models that can benefit you alongside your current online business/affiliate/network marketing journey!

If you are not utilizing a sales funnel, lead capture form, or growing your email list, you are already behind on the trends. Once you have these set up and have grown your lists, marketing any business you have will be much easier. It's time to stop depending on social media channels for all of your leads and start maximizing your earning potential.



This information has changed so many individual's lives, and we're willing to share it with you if you’re willing to put it to work.

What we're going to teach you inside this Roadmap Course is the same exact business model we run everyday. It works because it’s not based off “tricks” or “gimmicks”... but instead from real and reliable strategies that work regardless of who uses them.

And for the first time EVER we're going to show you how to setup and launch your own digital marketing business by simply modeling our already successful business roadmap.

Each module is a powerful lesson that teaches you the concepts you need to know, plus technical assignments so you can finally get your business set-up properly.

What are your waiting for??

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