I will never forget my first $20,000 check.

I sat in my car and cried happy tears. It was right before the holidays and 1 month old baby Mazie was in her carseat in the backseat. That moment was an indescribable feeling of bliss. But it wasn’t because of the money. It was because up until that point I had never experienced the feeling of being proud of myself or having someone tell me they were proud of me. In that moment, it was as if the little girl inside me was finally able to be free. I think that I healed my inner child’s heart that day in the car when I allowed myself to be immensely proud of myself for something I had a part in creating.

Even through living in a trailer, a duplex, aunts & uncles, and grandparents houses, plus multiple different states, I persevered.
Even going through my parents divorce, I persevered.
Even through moving and changing schools multiple times as a child, I persevered.
Even through losing my mom at the age of 11 to cancer, I persevered.
Even through a really difficult relationship with my parents, I persevered.
Even through an emotionally and mentally exhausting adolescence I persevered.

I was always a straight A student. I always did more than what was asked or expected of me. I excelled in sports and competitions and gave my 110% percent in everything I set out to accomplish.

But I never really realized that through everything I was always in survival mode, I was never actually presently living. I never really allowed myself to be and feel happy. I was always thinking about the future or the past. Never the RIGHT NOW. And in that moment, when that check was placed in my hand, everything stopped. There was some sort of shift that happened.

From that day forward I knew that money would always just flow to me. I would always be able to provide for myself and my family because I know what I am capable of. No matter what circumstances you start with, all it takes is believing in yourself and your goal more than anyone has ever believed in you. The confidence to say your goals out loud and claim them, is so powerful. There isn’t one person who believes in me more than I do. And I’ll never doubt myself again.

I know discipline. I know consistency. I am confident in my abilities. And I know that I am capable of achieving anything I set out to do. I know success and how to achieve it and I can show you the way too.

It didn’t happen overnight. It came from hard work and dedication. Working towards the same goal every single day.

My hope for you, is that you’ll choose yourself and your desires + dreams over everything else. You’ll put those big goals first and you’ll chase after your dreams and not stop until you’re sitting in your car crying because you just received your first $20,000 check in your hand and in that moment, you know that your whole life is just beginning.

Be the Magic ✨

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